HG Toys
White Truck

HG Toys is a small family-owned business based in Kersey, Colorado. We specialize in the development and building of modified 12v battery-operated trucks and accompanying custom trailers. Our mission is to produce a quality and educational "Rig" that will last for years to come. We expect a trailer bought for your child today to be there for your grandchildren of tomorrow.

Red Rig

Equipped to haul your other battery powered equipment to your next job!

The trailer hooks to the truck with a proprietary HG Toys hitch system that includes an "anti-jackknife" feature for safety!

Custom 6' flatbed gooseneck trailer with dovetail, working full ramps, & lights!

White Rig

Ability to secure the cargo and ramps for easy loading!

Trailers are solid steel construction with solid rubber tires!

Trucks available in black, white, or red.

Big & Little Truck

Truck with Customized Flatbed

Trailer Only
(6' Flatbed with Lights)

Truck & Trailer Combo

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